The Future Factory — A Guided Systems Thinking Journey

Collectively building a brighter future

Live Prototype

The Team

Meet the design team!




Project Description


Persona: Grace, 17 yrs old, high school student, passionate about marine biology
Results of an online survey distributed by the team amongst high school and college students

So, students care about their impact on the world, and currently, schools do not foster action-oriented change on wicked problems.

Our design challenge


Value exchange between stakeholders

The process of designing a learning experience

The complete design process — of course, the process wasn’t this neat, but you get the idea;)

Researching Learning Gaps

Defining Learning Gaps

Leveraging Learning Frameworks

The framework for our learning experience

Concept Evaluation

The three phases of user testing


The Final Concept

The game components
Phases of the experience
Phase 1 — introduction and set up of the experience
Phase 2 — Home town: Introduction to the Future
Introduction to the Future
Phase 3 — Icetrail: Selecting Stakeholder roles and requirements
Choosing stakeholder cards
Writing down stakeholder requirements
Ranking stakeholder requirements
Phase 4 — The iceberg: Causal Layered Analysis
Interactive iceberg and sorting through world-building cards
Phase 5 — Construction arena: Brainstorming and Evaluating Ideas
building the path towards the future
Ideation timer — for that sense of urgency!
Brainstorming ideas
Selecting the best ideas through dot voting
Ranking top ideas according to stakeholder requirements.
Phase 6 — The future: Journey conclusion & takeaways
photo documentation of the completed process.
Competition submission!

Live Prototype

Next Steps

Industrial/Experience Designer, Human Computer Interactions and Physical Computing at Carnegie Mellon University

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