Improving the Experience of A Common Task — On the Go Meal Edition



Gathering Information

Research on VBL and conducting/analyzing brand related researching

Mood Boards

Mood boards for cultural, historical and overall landscape examples

Task Analysis

The general procedure of task analyses
A “fancy” container she stopped using because it leaked
Glass containers she plans to use this semester to bring lunch
Breakdown of Shannon’s typical lunch preparation


Currently empty fridge, but usually like the bowl on the right, she would store her extra food like that
Dumpling stacked container

Research Conclusions

New mood board from these findings


Persona based on target user questionnaire
How user would carry utensil (left), what container is used, and bag to transport (right)

Ideation & Prototyping

Getting basic food dimensions (left) & analyzing what works and doesn’t in an existing product (right)
10 min idea dump (right) & going into details
Focusing down on concepts — stick and twist container
physical prototype
Focusing down on concepts
Physical prototyping and testing
Focusing down on concepts — spring container
Physical prototyping
Leading up to revised design
Discovering details for revised design
Concept physical model
Concept description
User eats at a flat desk and does work or watches videos on laptop → user takes off lid and opens to find utensils
User takes out utensils, fold lid in half to reduce space when placed on desk, and begins to eat → user can easily lift food off table
user can set chopsticks on lid when taking a break, user can lift the container comfortably if food is very hot
Final working shots
Features and details
Modified dimensions
Left: examples of typical forks vs. flatter. Right: creating a custom flatter fork that fits in lid
Discovering a place for the napkin


Container branding inspiration
Visual form sketches
Final visual model
Evolution of final prototypes (right to left): working prototype, basic form prototype, detailed form prototype.

Final Product Presentation

Industrial/Experience Designer, Human Computer Interactions and Physical Computing at Carnegie Mellon University