What did you learn from the the testing session and how are your discoveries informing your final revisions? Document your steps on medium.

User testing outcomes and our solutions

For our testing session, some major takeaways was:

  • People found it confusing that half the experience was on the interface while half was in physical. Make it more obvious what is the role of each medium.
  • Having to take a photo throughout the game to upload onto the interface just to show it at the end is very tedious for the players and takes them out of the moment. …

Today’s meeting for our group was very productive were we were able to address creating more “knowledge clusters” within our game experience, pacing of the game, and visualizing our how learning models intertwine with the game experience journey that we had laid out before.

These were our progress that was more separated and still felt disconnected to each other.

Our game/workshop journey (step by step)

From the Ambrose reading on Memory, I think it was very insightful learning about how important it is not just for learners to understand content but to also organize it in their minds. This would then influence how they retain the memory and thus be able to apply it into future matters.

The subject of concept mapping was brought up to help learners invision the structure they are learning. And from how we were deciding to design our game, I think we were able to embody some of this in our design. As part of the gameplay, our users would…

The Dirksen reading was really interesting as it included many graphs and models that helped understand the theories of what the author was describing. Especially the bike metaphor really stayed with me because I was able to think back to many occasions in my own past experiences and even current ones where I kept on feeling like I made mistakes or progress in projects kept on meeting obstacles. It feels like you aren’t progressing but in reality, you still are in the macro view. The Ambrose reading although had different graphic models compared to Dirksen, shared many similarities in the…

The McCarthy reading helped our team rethink about what ‘sustainability’ can mean for our learners and what might impact them the most. It allowed us to focus from the more outcome based direction that we had previously, such as providing learners with the platform to find resources that the school may not be able to provide to achieve a specific goal, to a problem space that focused more on the learning experience. We wanted to be able to provide our learners with knowledge on systems thinking and to know how to process complex problems they may have trouble understanding. …

Our team consists of Patricia, Christianne, and Laurel, and we want to focus on exploring how we can create a more sustainable and flexible learning experience through fostering a collaborative community.

Through researching more on our main stakeholders, including sustainability advocates that would act as mentors or facilitators in helping school build a stronger community education system, and teachers and school administration that would aid in establishing this change, we hope to investigate how educational institutions can reserve resources by adapting to a sharing system.

Some questions we hope to answer are, how can students contribute to this redefined learning…

What does personal safety mean to me?

When you see this questions, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps the PPEs that we wear during a pandemic, or the iconic protective wear that comes in orange, or even the equipment you wear you wear when riding a bike. On Wikipedia, personal safety means:

Safety: the state of being “safe”, the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm or any other event which could be considered non-desirable. Safety can also be defined to be the control of…


When you search up the words, ‘food containers’ in your search engine, what kind of images you get? Now try to focus on one that you think is extremely intriguing.

If you couldn’t, then what you are experiencing is seeing a market of products that are lacking their own “culture”. If you couldn’t find a product that peaked your interests then none of them resonated with you, your experiences, your background. The product’s identity, or if it had a strong identity, was not able to relate with you.

In this project, we are exploring this “lunch on the go” experience

This summer I would have never imagined I was going to intern at Hasbro, one of the most popular toy design companies in the US. Work and fun blended together!

I shadowed my manager throughout the summer at the SPARK Labs (the team working on innovation and technology within toy design) as a product designer.

Even though I came in with a specific idea of what the work would be like, during the 12 weeks that I worked here, I realized I had a very different interpretation. …

Oct 7, 2019


Now that we’ve completed (for now) our typeface spread, it’s time to create the video!

I started writing a script to know what order I wanted to present my content, then drew storyboards on paper, and finally transferring these drawings to Illustrator for brainstorming.

Patricia Yu

Industrial/Experience Designer, Human Computer Interactions and Physical Computing at Carnegie Mellon University

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